Quoc Duong ∞ Quoc Moon Duong

1. All My Stuff
2. Mine
3. One Umbrella
4. Just Dandy
5. Where the Sun Has Gone
6. Smartest Man
7. Flat
8. Whore
9. Please Stay
10. Track
11. I Know
12. Devil Town
13. Sleeping On The Mississippi
14. Here Again

This album comes from a friend of mine from school who has made here some very nice, extremely lo-fi acoustic tracks. At the start with “All My Stuff” and “Mine” the album doesn’t start of incredibly strong, but soon the quality of both the songs and the recordings begins to increase dramatically. The LP continues to get better and better and by the end it just puts it on cruise control for the last couple of tracks. This isn’t a genre that I listen to a whole lot, but I found listening to this was enjoyable and I’m not just saying that because he’s a buddy of mine. If you like almost minimal acoustic lo-fi songs, a bit it in the light of Neutral Milk Hotel, go ahead and give this a definite try.



~ by Babaganoosh on June 7, 2008.

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