Godspeed You! Black Emperor ∞ f#a#∞

1. The Dead Flag Blues
– The Dead Flag Blues (Intro)
– Slow Moving Trains
– The Cowboy…
– (Outro)
2. East Hastings
– ‘…Nothing’s Alrite in Our Life…’ / Dead Flag Blues (Reprise)
– The Sad Mafioso…
– Drugs in Tokyo
– Black Helicopter
3. Providence
– Divorce and Fever…
– Dead Metheny..
– Kicking Horse on Brokenhill
– String Loop Manufactured During Downpour…
– (silence)
– J.L.H. Outro

An absolutely essential record from the godfathers of modern day ambient post-rock. GY!BE created a beyond ethereal experience with this record that still transcends most music today. The name of the album is derived from particulars of the vinyl pressings, where side one began with an F#, side two with a A# and as the needle reaches the final groove it overlaps onto itself and begins a never ending loop (infinity). Like most music that “doesn’t require your attention, but rather rewards it”, it’s best to become fully immersed into the music. Listen to it in a dark room in the middle of the night and every sound takes center stage. Incorporating incredible spoken dialogue, some light “singing” but mostly full instrumentation and noise aspects, this is a record that draws you into a full circle of fear, regret, desire and hope.

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~ by Babaganoosh on June 5, 2008.

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