múm ∞ Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is Okay


1. I’m 9 Today
2. Smell Memory
3. There Is A Number of Small Things
4. Random Summer
5. Asleep On a Train
6. Awake On a Train
7. The Ballad of Broken Birdie Records
8. The Ballad of Broken String
9. Sunday Night Just Keeps On Rolling
10. Slow Bicycle

Probably one of my most favorite electronic albums of all time, and definitely up on my list of favorite overall albums. It’s charming, experimental, and beautiful. The album has a growing, seemingly self-referential maturity that runs through the album and almost forces nostalgia on the listener; not a bad thing at all.

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~ by Babaganoosh on May 8, 2008.

One Response to “múm ∞ Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is Okay”

  1. smell memory is just.. epic.

    amazing album indeed.

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