Plaid ∞ TekkonKinkreet OST


1. This City
2. Rat’s Step
3. This City Is Hell
4. Brother’s Chase
5. Butterfly
6. Oasis
7. Beginnings
8. Snakeing
9. Open Kastle
10. Assassouts
11. Safety in Solitude
12. Where?
13. White’s Dream
14. Bonus Track – Asian Kung-Fu Generation

TekkonKinkreet is a damn good movie, though it isn’t very popular, or well known. I watched the movie and loved every aspect, especially the soundtrack. I only later realized that Plaid was behind the OST. This music gives the film that perfect cinematic, other-worldliness which suits the style of the movie. The opener, “This City” is hauntingly beautiful, which can be said about most of the songs. The mood is set by the music, and the film’s feelings are accentuated and created through this music. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, or even heard of it, I recommend this album. Plaid is brilliant IDM and this only goes to show how capable of musicians they are.

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~ by Babaganoosh on April 16, 2008.

7 Responses to “Plaid ∞ TekkonKinkreet OST”

  1. Thanks a lot! I was looking for this album everywhere! Greetings from Argentina

  2. thank you very much ^^

    from Argentina too.. 😀

  3. good!!!!!

  4. Beautiful soundtrack

  5. does any any any anyone know something similar to this dimension?

    i will love you for ever.

  6. oh my gosh!!! thank you so so much!! i was looking for

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