Mouse On Mars ∞ Ideology


1. Actionist Respoke
2. Subsequence
3. Presence
4. The Illking
5. Catching Butterflies With Hands
6. Doit
7. First : Break
8. Introduce
9. Unity Concepts
10. Paradical
11. Fantastic Analysis

This is the Mouse on Mars album that I associate with jazz electronica or just plain good ole’ fashioned, experimental electronic. Probably my favorite Mouse on Mars album, Ideology is just a nice head-bopping trip down to crazy town, while this provides the soundtrack as you float away on a cloud. The beauty of Ideology is that it takes seemingly quirky sounds and matches them up with nice traditional instrumented melodies, like on “Catching Butterflies with Hands”, or takes quirky electronics and matches them up with quirky instrumental melodies, such as on “Subsequence”. It’s beautiful and trippy and out of the ordinary and I love every second of it.

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~ by Babaganoosh on April 8, 2008.

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