Caribou ∞ Andorra


1. Melody Day
2. Sandy
3. After Hours
4. She’s the One
5. Desiree
6. Eli
7. Sundialing
8. Irene
9. Niobe

Lately, there has a nice trend in the indie rock community to recall the styles of the early surf rock era of music made more popular by the Beach Boys. It’s as if these bands picked up a copy of Pet Sounds and decided use it as inspiration for their next albums. Animal Collective did it, Panda Bear did it, hell, Boris is doing it a bit, and finally Caribou has done it. Andorra is a fun album to listen, while it combines the sweeping vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys, packed with sunny melodies, Caribou still sticks to his electronica roots. It’s not wholly groundbreaking, especially with the gang of other bands that seem to be doing the same thing, but Caribou does it well, and well enough to really enjoy.

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~ by Babaganoosh on April 8, 2008.

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