Animal Collective ∞ Here Comes the Indian


1. Native Belle
2. Hey Light
3. Infant Dressing Table
4. Panic
5. Two Sails on a Sound
6. Slippi
7. Too Soon

I find it a bit intriguing that a band like Animal Collective started out making stranger music, then moved on to more accessible albums like Strawberry Jam or Feels. They gained some popularity with their off the wall, tribal, experimental noise albums like Here Comes the Indian, made a name for themselves, then used it to make catchy electronic indie pieces. It makes me think about what kind of music they set out to make. Either way, it shows the creativity of this band. Here Comes the Indian is a unique and visceral outing from Animal Collective, combining chants, drums, drones, and clapping to make music that you can’t tell whether is beautiful or ugly, but ends up as a big mush of everything.

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~ by Babaganoosh on April 7, 2008.

One Response to “Animal Collective ∞ Here Comes the Indian”

  1. They have no better album than this.

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