Sunosis ∞ Warmed


1. Leap
2. Plato
3. Bleeder
4. Live Long
5. Flint
6. Harfeda
7. Assured Pass

Sonosis was thinking clearly or not at all when he decided to put an absolutely exceptional track right at the beginning of this album. It always manages to suck me in and continue listening to the rest. I wish I was impressed with the rest of the album as much as I was with “Leap”. I’m not hating on the rest of the songs though. Sunosis has created here, a very listenable album, full of wonderful ambient, IDM electronica, and the final song reminded me of my love of Boards of Canada. Maybe the opening track should not have been where it was in the context of the rest. To hear an amazing song when the rest don’t quite reach the same level, leaves a bit of a hole.


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~ by Babaganoosh on April 4, 2008.

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