Doi ∞ Sing The Boy Electric



1. The Sea
2. In Your Sigh
3. Missing
4. Cars. Alarms.
5. Beneath the Breeze
6. Where Rivers Turn
7. Ponds
8. Grained Departures
9. Unraveled and Tangled
10. The Unlikely Event

Doi is the much better than your average jazz-influenced, ambient, post-rock band. Beautiful in the way of bands like Múm, but doesn’t have that charming, childlike innocence. Unlike usual post-rock, where it’s sometimes hard to miss the subtle beauty of the music, Doi just decides to present it’s grace right in front of you. The voice here is used, seemingly just as if it were another instrument. I could draw comparisons to Múm all day long for this band, from it’s electronics, accordians, and delightful vibes, but really, there is a lot more to this music than that, and I’m really tired…it’s a good album.




~ by Babaganoosh on April 4, 2008.

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