Kid Spatula ∞ Meast




  1. Housewife
  2. Shistner’s Bassflex
  3. Spacious Hallway
  4. Further 2
  5. Tugboat
  6. P.V.
  7. Local Jogger
  8. Harpsichord
  9. Trike
  10. Residue
  11. Carrier
  12. Disclosed
  13. Jackal
  14. It Starts With Bongos
  15. Squirms
  16. Bobby
  17. Grandwash


  1. Sad & Solid
  2. Off Lemon
  3. Orange Crumble
  4. Detlev Bronk
  5. Upton
  6. Weiro
  7. Peg
  8. Lesque
  9. Mocaseg
  10. Go Ya Lo
  11. Measty
  12. Member
  13. Mighty Softstep
  14. My Piano & Me
  15. Round
  16. Buttress
  17. Broccoli

A pseudonym of the omnipresent Mike Paradinas, Kid Spatula can best be described as a combination of IDM and electro; the fuzzy, noisy percussion of opening track ‘Housewife’ is unlike anything commonly conjured by Paradinas’ name (and perhaps the highlight of the album), while melodic pieces such as ‘Orange Crumble’ are a gentle reminder that, yes, this is the µ-Ziq we know and love. The album is both accessible and experimental, with each of the 34 tracks presenting their own style and flavor. It is, however, a far departure from the breaks and and bass of works such as Bilious Paths, though perhaps an omen of things to come with last year’s release of the synthie Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Devastation Technique. Not the best thing Mike has ever released, but a compelling work nonetheless.


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~ by reidscones on April 3, 2008.

One Response to “Kid Spatula ∞ Meast”

  1. can you re-upload please?? thanks..

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