Holo [re_lux]



1. Breeze Plate
2. Squarewave Colorwheel
3. Toypieceplate
4. Dodecatheon
5. Sunsculpture.One
6. Sienna
7. Kekker
8. Gauss
9. Billionwatt
10. Continentsunderclouds
11. Sunsculpture.Two





1. Fyrepond
2. The Colorfreak
3. Templefrog
4. Rustdusk
5. Airplaneshadows
6. Flycatcher
7. Arq
8. Rua
9. Korsaire [Airplaneshadows Rebuild]
10. Sunsethighway
11. Tigertail

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Kiln does an interesting job of staying ambient but still not boring you to death. When listen to certain ambient music, you forget that you were listening to it in the first place. Whether this is a pro or con is just opinion, but either way, both of these albums by Kiln do a good job of holding on softly to your ears, almost whispering its sound into your brain. First there is Kiln’s Holo, which is pretty good, but it’s easy to see that they haven’t quite found their perfect pitch yet, though it’s still amazing that this album is just now ten years old. Not revolutionary, but still an achievement for its day. We can begin to hear the inner-workings of what kind of music Kiln is trying to make here. That soft fusion of electronics and somewhat traditional instruments, like electric/acoustic guitars and pianos. There is a dreamlike pad floating through the song “Sienna” while around the corner an acoustic guitar is playing a sweet melody, until they come together for their duet. Kiln’s strongest songs, such as “Sienna” are when they get the mix just right. This is why Dusker turns out to be such a great album. Nearly ten years later Kiln produces an album well worth the effort. It’s deep and beautiful and clings to your memory almost like a dream. Electronics and organics have found a nice marriage in this album. On the downside, Kiln, it seems do nothing to truly break the mold of IDM and electronic music the like. What they do, they do well, but much more can’t be said for them. They produce easily listenable albums, pleasant for the mind and ears, though the music never really reaches into the mind, but merely comforts it. There is some genius here, but it shows more in the talent and creativity, rather than the experimental. Though, I can’t help but love them.

Holo: 3.47573553/5
Dusker: 3.95384753/5


~ by Babaganoosh on April 2, 2008.

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