Russian Circles ∞ Enter



1. Carpe
2. Micah
3. Death Rides a Horse
4. Enter
5. You Already Did
6. New Macabre

The difference between post-rock and metal can range from huge, to a very fine line. I would not consider Explosions in the Sky metal, but I would at the same time, not consider Isis post-rock, but at the same time they both share qualities. Both use traditional instruments like guitars, bass and drums to create heavy sonic soundscapes, but while EITS is a lot more melodic and more ambient, Isis is a lot heavier and sludgier. EITS is considered more “post-rock” while Isis is considered more metal. Russian Circles is one of those bands that skips along either line, not quite being metal and not quite being post-rock but something right in the middle. The upshot of this is that it makes for some interesting music. Though, Russian Circles are not the only band around to make deeply melodic metal, they do do it well. It feels like they take beautiful, moody and apocalyptic harmonies and hammer them into our skulls with face-melting metal. Post-rock is an interesting genre that spans and feeds off of an amalgam of different styles. It can range from ambient to sludge with very little effort. Russian Circles gives us a little taste on how this can be done.


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~ by Babaganoosh on April 1, 2008.

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