Gui Boratto ∞ Chromophobia



1. Scene 1
2. Mr. Decay
3. Terminal
4. Gate 7
5. Shebang
6. Chromophobia
7. The Blessing
8. Malá Strana
9. Acróstico
10. Xilo
11. Beautiful Life
12. Hera
13. The Verdict

The term “minimal” is thrown around quite loosely nowadays. If it doesn’t sound complicated, it isn’t. Slap a minimal tag on there and suddenly it isn’t questioned. The problem with most “minimal” electronic is that it isn’t. It is quite a bit more complicated than it lets on to be, leaving most people to assume otherwise, however on a album like Chromophobia, one could mistake this album as minimal tech-house, but there is more than what is on the surface. Accompanied with a steady beat is an entire world of clicks, saw, static hits, and other earthy sounds which make a nice accompanied mix to the electronics. It soon becomes easy to see as the album progresses the intricacies of the music within the music. The way all sorts of sounds are mixed and sort to make different rhythms (“Gate 7”). Two tracks with two different beats combine to create a wholly new one. While this album isn’t near perfect, where is should have ended at the masterpeice and brilliance that “Beautiful Life”, it’s hard to hate it. We could take a look at the album art for this album, and see Gui’s outlook. Simple, solid colored circles, something minimal, combined to make different shapes and colors, complex.


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~ by Babaganoosh on April 1, 2008.

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