The Field ∞ From Here We Go Sublime



1. Over the Ice
2. A Paw In My Face
3. Good Things End
4. The Little Heart Beats So Fast
5. Everyday
6. Silent
7. The Deal
8. Sun & Ice
9. Mobilia
10. From Here We Go Sublime

Can ambient music ever be dance music? Can dance music ever be ambient music? I suppose its all in the execution and what you decide to give us depends on how we perceive what the music is. The Field makes a distinction by giving us both, taking what would seem to be an ambient song, adding a beat under it and suddenly making it into something worth dancing it, or at least some enthusiastic head nodding. What is easy to see about The Field’s music is that it is a rhythmic, loop-oriented, edit of what seems to be pre-existing songs, though the amount of change is so drastic that there would have no way to guess. Our only hint is what he gives us. Take for example, the end of “A Paw In My Face”. Throughout the entire song, it seems like some sort of folk-electro dance mix. Wee start to hear more and more elements of the song take center stage, until the final release at the end, revealing the actual song, and at this point your head is blown to realize that what you just heard came from this. Brilliant in it’s execution and satisfying in it’s creativity.


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~ by Babaganoosh on March 31, 2008.

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