65daysofstatic ∞ One Time For All Time



1. Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here
2. Await Rescue
3. 23Kid
4. Welcome to the Times
5. Mean Low Water
6. Climbing on Roofs (The Desperate Edit)
7. The Big Afraid
8. 65 Doesn’t Understand You
9. Radio Protector

This is the first 65daysofstatic album that I ever listened to, and still holds its place as my favorite. There is a brilliant collaboration between electronics and fast paced rock. Heavy guitars and impossible drumming give the entire album a not quite human sense. Most of the songs have a wonderful contrast between sound grimy and dirty, but at the same time have pretty little harmonies. It’s not the typical metal that makes you feel like punching someone in the face around you. It makes you want to stand side by side with someone around you and fight for some crazy cause, whether you know you’re going to fail or not. A song like “Radio Protector” will stick with you after the album is over. The sweeping piano and innocent bells are accompanied by almost tribal drumming, accumulating into an insane burst of fury then dying off slowly. Sorry that this review sucks. I’m tired…


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~ by Babaganoosh on March 30, 2008.

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