Set Fire to Flames ∞ Sings Reign Rebuilder



1. ‘I Will Be True…’
2. Vienna Arcweld / Fucked Gamelan / Rigid Tracking
3. Steal Compass / Drive North / Disappear
4. Wild Dogs of the Thunderbolt
5. Omaha
6. There Is No Dance in Frequency and Balance
7. Cote D’Abrahams Room Tone
8. Love Song for 15 Ontario
9. Injur: Gutted Two-Track
10. When I First Get To Phoenix
11. Shit-Heap-Gloria Of The New Town Planning…
12. Jesus / Pop
13. Esquimalt Harbour
14. Two Tears In A Bucket
15. Fading Lights Are Fading

The album cover reminds us f#a#∞ by Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and the opening “on the street” audio give us the same sense, and the band holds a few members of Godspeed, the entire album consists of building and receding ambient drone made by guitars and strings, various strange folk speaking throughout some of the songs, and that desolate feeling of despair mixed with the beautiful pain of the music. Hell, Sings Reign Rebuilder seems just like another GY!BE album.

From the wiki: It was recorded in a century old house (either named or later dubbed 15 Ontario) apparently bound for destruction. From the liner notes: “your bulldozers and wrecking ball can make match-sticks out of the rickety staircase and crookt/creaking floorboards—but they can’t erase the recording that was made here.” An underlying concept in the work is the lyingdyingwonderbody, which consist of spoken word passages dealing with theoretical and political concepts that concern global climate and love. The police car at the end of “Love Song for 15 Ontario” was purely unintentional but was credited as performing nonetheless.


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~ by Babaganoosh on March 29, 2008.

One Response to “Set Fire to Flames ∞ Sings Reign Rebuilder”

  1. one of the best bands i’ve ever heard

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