Fridge ∞ Happiness



1. Melodica and Trombone
2. Drum Machines and Glockenspiel
3. Cut Up Piano and Xylophone
4. Tone Guitar and Drum Noise
5. Five Four Child Voice
6. Sample and Clicks
7. Drums Bass Sonics and Edit
8. Harmonics
9. Long Singing

Fridge is the collaborative effort of Kieran Hebden of the famous Four Tet, Adem Ilhan of Adem and another guy named Sam Jeffers, who decided one day to make an incredible fusion of methodical electronics and heart-melting post-rock elements. What they did right was just about everything, what they did wrong, I will say, came from no fault of theirs. Happiness is an album that is hard to really appreciate during the casual listen, especially if you’re not paying close enough attention. Admittedly, on the first one or two listens, I was not wholly impressed. I didn’t even remember what the music sounded like, so it went off into the background of my music library. A while later, I noticed the album and decided to give it another shot. This time I really got into it, from it’s ambient beginnings to, post-rock mid-section, and accumulation end. What struck me was how much I should have like this album from the beginning, but I had to think back to all of my favorite albums, where I didn’t even like them until the second or third listen. This is a funny thing about music. You can’t always know with first impressions, and albums can be loved or hated by pure circumstance, whether it depends on where you are, what is happening around you, or if you’re even listening, because sometimes, you just have to slide on those headphones and just…listen. Maybe you’ll find (H,h)appiness.


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~ by Babaganoosh on March 28, 2008.

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  1. OMG

    Are you kiddin’?

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