Yndi Halda ∞ Enjoy Eternal Bliss



1. Dash and Blast
2. We Flood Empty Lakes
3. A Song For Starlit Beaches
4. Illuminate My Heart, My Darling

The criticism and the critiquing begins with the comparing of Yndi Halda with other bands in the genre, usually with bands of fame like Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I have read that this band was like the more optimistic version of GY!BE, which immediately sparked my own interest in the band. The aforementioned bands are thought to have paved the way for modern post-rock, and it’s easy to see the influence they have made in the more recent post-rock bands. This band from Canterbury with the crazy name that translates from old Norse to the title of their debut album doesn’t make the most original of post-rock endeavors, but damned if they don’t make it absolutely amazing. Yndi Halda has a wonderful way of taking conventional post-rock themes, the build-and-burst, ambient ballads, etc. but does them so astonishingly well. The music is just eerily beautiful and completely, joyously ethereal. These are the songs that just make you feel wonderful after an entire listen of the album. When I first got a hold of this album, I believe my play count for the entire disc was about 20 times, nearly back to back. We can only hope for another album from these guys, and fuck Pitchfork for the shitty review of this album.




~ by Babaganoosh on March 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Yndi Halda ∞ Enjoy Eternal Bliss”

  1. Yndi have announced that they are playing a new gig in the Barbican, London in June. They intend to showcase their new material there.

  2. a beautiful album, and i’m similarly sad that the influence of pitchfork happened to be so strongly negative with these guys. i agree – they’re take on post-rock isn’t particularly unique but an awesome ride of an album.

    If you haven’t heard them already, check out: Yume Bitsu. A forgotten post-rock effort from 2001 that rocks pretty hard.

    Peace and love, thanks for the tunes.

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