M83 ∞ Saturdays = Youth



1. You, Appearing
2. Kim & Jessie
3. Skin of the Night
4. Graveyard Girl
5. Couleurs
6. Up!
7. We Own the Sky
8. Highway of Endless Dreams
9. Too Late
10. Dark Moves of Love
11. Midnight Souls Still Remain

Before the Dawn Heals Us was a great album, one that many artists could draw inspiration from. It’s a strange thing to see an artist rip-off of themselves though, unless you’re talking about a Wes Anderson joint. This formula could turn out good or bad depending on the creativity or ingenuity of the artist, but the problem with Saturdays = Youth is that it seems like a song for song wannabe of Before the Dawn Heals Us. These tracks are not nearly as strong, and it really feels like a weak effort from an artist with such strong talents, leaving the album as a disappointment. On it’s own, it really isn’t a bad album, but there is a aftertaste of “I’ve heard this all before”. Maybe the problem is how poppy Saturdays = Youth seems, from it’s ’80’s new-wave overtones, and hispter “look how cool and different we are” album cover, it doesn’t seem as special as any other M83 album. That being said, “You, Appearing”, “Couleurs”, “Dark Moves of Love” and “Midnight Souls Still Remain” are amazing tracks.




~ by Babaganoosh on March 27, 2008.

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