Baby Dee ∞ Safe Inside the Day



1. Safe Inside the Day
2. The Earlie King
3. A Compass of the Light
4. The Only Bones That Show
5. Fresh Out of Candles
6. Big Titty Bee Girl (From Dino Town)
7. A Christmas Jig for a Three-Legged Cat
8. Flowers on the Tracks
9. The Dance of Diminishing Possibilities
10. Bad Kidneys
11. You’ll Find Your Footing

A trans-gendered harpist, with a knack for providing infinite wisdom and comfort to her audience, Baby dee conjures a marked departure from her previously dark yet churchy sound. Here, she fully indulges her maniacal side, howling throughout and churning vibrantly and deceptively dark songs about the alienating trans-gendered condition. The theme of the album is truly present in the title “Teeth are the only bones that show”, an honest comment on the agression harbored in the naked soul of humankind. While sometimes the album gets overly indulgent (like my writing), it’s still charming.

5.5/5, other’s might place this at a 3.5, i just get carried away by fancy.

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~ by eidselmann on March 27, 2008.

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