Clark ∞ Body Riddle



1. Herr Bar
2. Frau Wav
3. Springtime Epigram
4. Herzog
5. Ted
6. Roulette Thrift Run
7. Vengeance Drools
8. Dew on the Mouth
9. Matthew Unburdened
10. Night Knuckles
11. The Autumnal Crash

Body Riddle was an album that seemingly came out of nowhere and surprised the hell out of me. I heard about similarities between this guy, Chris Clark, and Aphex Twin and decided to take a chance on this album, and quickly I fell in love with it. I went back and found some of his earlier albums under his full name and found a great departure from these in Body Riddle. It was easy to tell that Chris Clark had decided to change his direction just slightly off of his own path and even the path of generic IDM to make something that seems like a product well worth the effort put in by its creator. Most of the brilliance protruding from this album comes from the masterful beat manipulations and reconstructions done to live drum tracks. Every beat and every hit seems to be exactly where it needs to be while wonderful, ethereal synths and bleeps control the harmonies, which serve more as a backing track for the meticulous beats, rather than main attraction. I am reminded more of Amon Tobin rather than the work of Aphex Twin during this album. It is easy to see why Chris Clark spent three years to produce this album, which quickly became one of my favorite works in 2006.


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~ by Babaganoosh on March 26, 2008.

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